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Day 5 – Tuesday

Yet another sunny day!  Oh, how the Gods or Archaeology must favor us!   Today Sophie, Andy,  Johnny and Charlotte are busy preparing the new area for excavating which will commence tomorrow.   We are all very much looking forward to seeing the volunteers again.

The new area will be at the cobbled entrance to the Hafod Copperworks.  Volunteers from Saturday will remember the area from the surveying exercises we did, so will know that this is a very pretty area, and we hope that they will thoroughly enjoy it! 🙂

We had a visit from one of our volunteers this morning, Katrina, who very kindly bought in some finds from her garden which contained some nice Post-medieval pottery, an old street map of Swansea and a book of the Lower Swansea Valley.

One of the volunteers shows off a peice of post-medieval pottery that she found in gher garden.

Day 4 – Monday

Today brought a temporary break in the excavation, and therefore no volunteers.  Andy and Johnny have been working hard to find other areas to excavate (the photo is proof!), while Sophie imputed  the site records into a database on the computer.

Fingers crossed, digging will resume over the next few days.

In the afternoon we had a visit from Professor Huw Bowen and his Swansea University Heritage Apprentices!   They were busy performing tasks while Andy and Edith successfully found a new area for us to excavate, HORRAY!!  The new area will be at the cobbled entrance way to the Hafod Copperworks, so we are looking forward to seeing our volunteers back on Wednesday.

A GGAT archaeologist looking long and hard for new areas to excavate!

Andy looking long and hard for new areas to excavate!

Day 3 – Saturday

After two days of hacking through building rubble it was time for something more congenial for the troops.  Our very own Mr Neil Maylan, Archaeolo0gical Planning Manager, led a walk around the Hafod settlement site, helping the volunteers to better understand the social aspects of life for the workers at the Hafod Copperworks. And a good time was had by all!

In the afternoon the volunteers were taught all about the various surveying methods used by archaeologists.  Johnny, Sophie, Charlotte and Andy (GGAT Projects) demonstrated the finer points of offset survey and plane table survey, as well has the secret art of transfer a level. And once again a good day was had by all! (See below for proof)

One of the volunteers learning measured survey techniques A GGAT archaeologist teaching the volunteers how to use a planning frame A GGAT archaeologist demonstrating the finer points of plane table survey A GGAT archaeologist explaining to the volunteers about recording spot heights

Hafod and Morfa Copperworks Community Excavation

Welcome to the Hafod and Morfa Copperworks Community Excavation blog.

Over the next 2 weeks The Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust, working with Swansea University and the City and County of Swansea, is running a community excavation on the site of the former Hafod Copperworks, Swansea.

The project will be trying to uncovering the original early 19th century canal basin where barges unloaded coal, brought down from the collieries higher up the Swansea Valley, directly into the copperworks.  The canal basin was filled in during the first half of the 20th century, and has completely disappeared from view.

In addition, we are also hoping to find more traces of the tramroad that crossed the canal to take slag away from the furnaces to be dumped on the slag heaps.

The project  has been designed to contain a strong public archaeology element, and this blog has been created to not only provide you with information about the project, but to also provide the volunteers working on the site the opportunity to make their voice heard.

We will be digging every day (except Sundays) between 30th May to the 8th June . Visitors are welcome, and we will be arranging site visits for the general public, schools and local archaeology groups.

Remains of the stone embuttment that once carried a tramroad