Copper slag pavement

As well as launching CuSP Sophie will be talking about the results from last summers community excavation on Monday. Why not come along and learn more.

The Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust

Back in July I talked about the watching-brief that Neil was conducting at the Hafod laboratory building (  At the time he came across a small area of pavement made of copper slag blocks, which he’d never seen used around the copperworks before.  Yesterday I found an area of copper slag blocks on Walters Road, identical to the ones used at the Hafod copperworks.  These blocks had been used for decorative effect and were interspersed with stone paving blocks.

Image  The historic mapping produced by the Ordnance Survey doesn’t show this alley existing till after the 1940s, suggesting that this area of paving is relatively modern.  On this extract from the third edition (1919) OS mapping you can see that the alley (marked with a red arrow) is occupied by part of a pub.ImageDo you know of any other areas of copper slag paving or pieces of copper slag…

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