The Post-excavation assessment

After a short break we’re back. So what have we being doing while we’ve been off the air? Well, Charlotte and I have been working on the Post-excavation assessment for the site, this is where we send all of our finds of too specialists, prepare the most important site plans for illustration and construct a basic narrative for the site. By the end of the proccess we hopefully start to get an idea of what happened, when and why.

This morning our glass specialist, Rowena (some of you might recognise her as one our surveyors as well), finished her report on the glass assemblage. The most interesting piece she reported on was this:

An almost-complete glass battery rest insulator was recovered from context 3004. This was manufactured by the Kilner Brothers glass works in Thornhill Lees, Dewsbury. The works was founded in 1848 by John Kilner on the site of an existing glass works. The upper surface of the insulator retains the following embossed name:


The underside shows a pontil scar. It is thought that these insulators supported the legs of large battery storage containers used to provide DC power to early telegraph curcuits and railway signals.

We hope to have the assessment completed soon, followed by the finished report.


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