Day 5 – Tuesday

Yet another sunny day!  Oh, how the Gods or Archaeology must favor us!   Today Sophie, Andy,  Johnny and Charlotte are busy preparing the new area for excavating which will commence tomorrow.   We are all very much looking forward to seeing the volunteers again.

The new area will be at the cobbled entrance to the Hafod Copperworks.  Volunteers from Saturday will remember the area from the surveying exercises we did, so will know that this is a very pretty area, and we hope that they will thoroughly enjoy it! 🙂

We had a visit from one of our volunteers this morning, Katrina, who very kindly bought in some finds from her garden which contained some nice Post-medieval pottery, an old street map of Swansea and a book of the Lower Swansea Valley.

One of the volunteers shows off a peice of post-medieval pottery that she found in gher garden.

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