Day 3 – Saturday

After two days of hacking through building rubble it was time for something more congenial for the troops.  Our very own Mr Neil Maylan, Archaeolo0gical Planning Manager, led a walk around the Hafod settlement site, helping the volunteers to better understand the social aspects of life for the workers at the Hafod Copperworks. And a good time was had by all!

In the afternoon the volunteers were taught all about the various surveying methods used by archaeologists.  Johnny, Sophie, Charlotte and Andy (GGAT Projects) demonstrated the finer points of offset survey and plane table survey, as well has the secret art of transfer a level. And once again a good day was had by all! (See below for proof)

One of the volunteers learning measured survey techniques A GGAT archaeologist teaching the volunteers how to use a planning frame A GGAT archaeologist demonstrating the finer points of plane table survey A GGAT archaeologist explaining to the volunteers about recording spot heights


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